Why are investors standing up for NLC?

//Why are investors standing up for NLC?

Why are investors standing up for NLC?

Zaitoon – New Lahore City is one of the many ventures of Zaitoon group and is a sign of the group’s competency, credibility and the quality. This project has been an investor favorite since it started in the year 2011. Data analysis has revealed that New Lahore City has remained on an upward trajectory, in terms of ROIs (Return on Investment), development and quality lifestyle, since 2011. Investors in the housing project have gained an unprecedented 70% to 80% increase on their investments during the last three years and with the ring road approaching and other infrastructural developments being done really fast, during the next three years plot buyers in the society can expect a 80% to 100% increase the prices. Hence, the project has been an investor favorite for the last many years.

Zaitoon Site Office

The project’s transparency, delivery and development along with the credibility of Zaitoon’s name has made the project stand out in the real estate market. Whereas, the real estate sector has generally been slow in the country for the last two odd years, Zaitoon New Lahore City is among the very few projects that have seen unprecedented growth and development. Stellar increment in property prices, has cemented the investor confidence to invest more. Apart from the project being and investor favorite, home builders, home buyers and residents have shown an equal amount of interest in the project because of the lifestyle that if offers, that too with an option to buy plots, residential and commercial ready-made units on easy installment plans. A simple comparison shows the success that New Lahore City has enjoyed over the years, from back when it started, property Prices in Zaitoon New Lahore City have risen up by up-to 400% whereas on average plot prices of 500 and 250 yards plots were up by only 80% in Lahore for the same time horizon.

Having prime location, located on Main Canal Bank Road, and being just 1-km from Ring Road SL-3 interchange, this residential project is among one of the fastest developing communities. With beautifully designed infrastructure and the pace of development being unprecedented, Zaitoon has really grabbed attention because of the delivery that they have made to their customers. New Lahore City is the only residential society having direct access to five major roads; linking the lifestyle community directly with all the main junctions of the city. 

Modern Parks & Recreation Areas

Very soon Zaitoon new Lahore City will become the only housing society in Lahore to have catered to all its customer base. Mind you, this is not a small customer base that we are talking about. As per their planning department, when fully populated the society will be able to boast about hundred thousand residents. With this on their back, Zaitoon is looking to become the biggest developer in Lahore in terms of delivering its promise to the customers.

All of this taken together, Zaitoon New Lahore City has attracted investors particularly from all over Lahore yet also from different cities of Punjab and middle-East. One of the most important feature is that it is the only housing society in Lahore which has designated 55% of its land to lifestyle facilities which include but are not limited to Parks, School, Hospital, Green Areas etc. Zaitoon is not merely focusing on brick and mortar, rather it’s invoking a sense of community and belonging.

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